Estate Planning Services

The goal of estate planning is to make sure your wishes are carried out, your assets are distributed exactly as you wish and to whom you designate, with little to no financial obligation demanded of your beneficiaries. Simply put, it is to protect your legacy and distribute your property consistent with your desires.

What To Expect

Initial Meeting/Consultation

At the first informational meeting, we will discuss an overview of the estate planning process and what goals you want to achieve with your plan. You will complete an intake questionnaire to prepare for the design meeting.

Design Meeting

We will meet via zoom or in-person to review your intake questionnaire and decide on the best plan for you. At this meeting we will decide on the flat fee for your plan and the attorney begins drafting your plan.

Sign Documents

At the signing ceremony, we review the documents and sign the final plan. The attorney will discuss a few follow-up items with the client such as beneficiary designations and how to manage and fund the trust moving forward. The client should expect to spend another hour on the plan following the final meeting.